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Capabilities: Prepress/Composition

Pre-Press / Composition

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AEL designs and prepares documents for a large number of clients – with a focus on health care systems, financial service institutions and manufacturers, ranging in complexity from a single one color page form to four color multiple page documents. Our specialists can offer you a beautiful finished product that you can’t achieve with general word processing software and basic drawing packages.

Preflight, soft proofing, accurate trapping, ultra fine resolution and long run durability are just a few of the advantages that make AEL’s pre-press department at the forefront of the printing industry.

Capabilities: Prepress/Composition
Capabilities: Prepress/Composition

Digital Pre-Press

  1. All digital workflow process
  2. Computer-to-plate imaging system
  3. Digital Color and PDF proofing
  4. Expert trapping with Rampage RIP
  5. High speed file transfer to FTP site
  6. MAC and PC platforms